Seapoint Club Championship Final 2016 2016-10-10 11:47:37

Subtitle:Gary Wade vs. Dylan Keating

Caption: Gary Wade and Dylan Keating before teeing off in the 2016 Club Championship Final

Seapoint Club Championship Final

U14 Leinster Interprovincial player Dylan Keating (4) yesterday became the youngest player to become Seapoint Club Champion in its 22 year history. The 14 year old, who is in his second year at Dundalk Grammar School, battled against Gary Wade (2) in a tightly contested final. Gary, who has played very solidly all season, was a big part in Seapoints Barton Cup success earlier in the summer when they reached the Leinster Quarter Finals. 

Both players have done Seapoint proud over the 2016 Season and either would have been a deserving winner. It was on the 20th green however that Dylan closed out the match to win the Seapoint Club Championship and make history in doing so. 

We congratulate both players on their achievements and no doubt both will be involved in the title race again in 2017!

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